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About Psychotherapy. mindfulness

About Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy

Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy is a gentle yet effective approach to therapy work, that can create profound and life long changes.

Mindfulness based therapies are now the most commonly used approach in the NHS and UK today because of their widely evidenced benefits in helping us uncover what is causing us difficulty and create opportunities for change.
This model allows us the opportunity to get in touch with what is at the root of our difficulties , by developing a deepening awareness of what we are experiencing in body and mind. Our work focusing on what we are experiencing in the present moment, offering access to information we can't access alone.

This unique style of Psychotherapy brings together the best of eastern philosophy and western psycho-dynamic, psycho-spiritual psychotherapy, to offer an inclusive approach to therapy, allowing us the ability to working with deeply held beliefs, patterns and trauma that may still be holding us back in our lives today.

One of the most consistent findings in research on psychotherapy is that the relationship between the therapist and client is of prime importance in its effectiveness.
Therefore, we offer a free initial consultation to all our clients, so that you can get a sense of whether or not we are the right therapist for you, before making a commitment.

The Body Knows

A key element to our work is getting to know what the body is telling us, trusting that the body knows much more than what we are consciously aware of at any one time. As therapist we support our clients to get more in touch with what the body knows through the felt sense which is the feelings and sensations we experience in the body. Working with this in therapy allows us to access previously hidden information which could be holding the key to what is creating suffering for us today.

This type of therapy can be helpful for short-term work if you have a particularly problem you would like to focus on, or for medium to long-term work, responding to the nature of the support you need. Meeting on a weekly basis, this creates a safe, consistent space for you to be heard, seen and met in ways you are unlikely to experience in day-to-day life.

Why Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy?

Mindfulness based Core Process Psychotherapy is the first Mindfulness based psychotherapy to be developed in the UK. This training is offered by the Karuna Institute has been established for nearly 40 years and is fully accredited by United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).

Being mindful just means paying attention to what is here right now, moment to moment, leaving judgments and preconceived ideas aside. No previous experience of mindfulness is required. We work together to learn how to bring our full attention to the present moment, letting thoughts and ideas appear and take their course without engaging in conclusions, noticing how everything is constantly changing and moving.

The intention of this approach is to create a deeper connection with the open awareness, compassion and wisdom at the core of our human experience. This experiential work encompasses our feelings, emotions, sensations, mental processes and their expression in the body. We work from the understanding that we all have inherent health and given the right conditions, we naturally orientate towards well-being and wholeness.

By developing mindfulness, we acquire more focus and mental clarity; we extend our awareness to how we live our life and begin to see how our past affects our present through our patterns and behaviours. We become more empowered to make different choices for our lives, we can realise how much meaning and expectations we attach to our experience because of events which occurred in the past or because of our desire to achieve something in the future. Cultivating a genuine curiosity about how we fully experience ourselves, helps us to access a space where we can explore our feelings and sensations 'as they are', from a place free from the restrictions of a critical mind.

Awareness is the key to change and healing. We bring awareness to the present moment experience, slowing down enough to help you deepen your awareness of your body, feelings and states of mind.
We work at your pace, exploring how it is to be you.

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Each therapist represented here is registered with the UKCP, UK council for Counselling and Psychotherapy and work in accordance with the UKCP Ethical Principles and Code of Professional Conduct. All our therapist's work is conducted under supervision by an experienced, accredited UKCP supervisor.

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